A once-great city located at the southernmost point of the Western Continent. Athas is known also as the birthplace of Magic, it is said that here, the Red Lady was born out of the great fountain in the public square and magic energy, rather than water poured from the fountain for a thousand years.

Athas has always been known as a great Magic City, nearly everyone who lives there is some sort of caster, typically Arcane. The divine casters that live in the city typically worship the Red Lady, the greatest temple to the Red Lady was constructed around the fountain where it is said she was birthed. Mages from all over the world had come to study in Athas and its academies, temples, and masters flourished. But then the land started to die.

The beautiful fields and emerald forests surrounding the city began to quickly wither and die. The streams dried up, seeds would not sprout and livestock grew sick and perished. The mages survived on their magic but for a once-booming metropolis, it wasn’t enough. The peasantry became dependent on the mages to survive and their were many skirmishes and even all-out battles for power in the city. The land became so blasted and useless that Athas became widely known as ‘The Dust City’.

Today Athas stands as a skeleton of what it once was, with its mages ruling the city entirely and trying to discover a way to restore life back to the area.


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