Onmyodo Islands

Last Time on.....


After defeating the evil Lich King (who was also Suni’s undead son from a previous life), our heroes continued to explore the mansion. They knew there were hostages somewhere in the house, but they didn’t know where the captives were being held.

They began exploring, only to find there were more pools of boiling mercury and deadly monstrosities lurking around every corner.

A door opens up into a mysterious laboratory where an undead man lurks, his dry skin pulled taught across his face. Suni recognizes the man as her husband from a previous life and forfeits herself, sitting on the floor and resigning to a death she believes she deserves. The man ingests the contents of an alchemical flash and transforms into a massive, monstrous form before lunging at the group in a bloodthirsty rage.

Shadows peel themselves off of the walls and coalesce in the room and hallway, surrounding the party and spelling doom for the injured and depressed heroes. Just when all hope seemed lost, however, Kai jumped into action. Taking a stand in front of Suni, he unleashed wave after wave of powerful divine magic, effectively destroying the evil abominations and protecting Suni and the rest of the party.

Beyond the lab, the group encountered a powerful entity guarding a room filled with cages. Inside these cages, the Samsaran hostages cried out in terror and desperation. The heroes burst into the room and annihilated the evil beings in a matter of seconds, saving the prisoners and winning the day. They escorted the shaken Samsaran to the safety of the Master Bedroom before resting and healing their wounds.

But is that all the Mansion has in store?



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