Onmyodo Islands

In which a lot of weird stuff happens,...

the death (and rebirth) of Kyo

After a week of much meditating, it was time to rejoin the group. I heard tell that many strange encounters were had while I was away. I seem to miss all the alien fun.

A rather sneezy H’skori joined us on this adventure. As we were exploring, we found many strange metals in the sand. The group seems to think that this is where the aliens crashed. I’m still not sure I understand what exactly it is we are facing here…. But this 9lbs of adamantiam is certainly disconcerting (and will fetch a high price). As we are gathering the sky metal, we are attacked, again, by sandworms. Thankfully, I am able to scare one to death. I am very terrifying these days. Kai is also very helpful and scythes one into pieces. Ketzal also is very helpful and warhammers one…no two! but unfortunately amidst the slaying of sandworms, Kyo falls.

After Kai defeats the last sandworm, we notice that Kyo has fallen. We rush to help, but just as we get there, the light comes back into Kyo’s eyes. We notice something is slightly different, but none of us want to press the soft spoken kitsune who we are just finally getting to know. As we journey to the crater, Kyo begins to tell us what happened. Though, I must admit I could barely hear the tale as it was being told, so pardon the gaps in the wondrous tale. Kyo tells us that he did indeed die. However, upon the moment of his death, he was swept up into the spirit world. From what was described, it sounded like he was brought straight to Boo-yawn’s feast! Kyo tells us that his destiny is with Buyon. And because of this, he granted him a second chance at life. I am sure there was some soul selling that occurred in that instant, but Kyo remains quite on that front. The only other thing he mentions is that there was a lovely waterbender present at the feast with a beautiful owl. We all smile a bit as we realize that this must be our beloved Longtuk and my dear Pura. Kyo cannot know what this means to us, but I’m sure he senses our happiness.

We arrive at the crater. It looks as if an asteroid landed here before the godstorm. There is quite the frightful scene before us. On the ground there are a number of ruins, recently used. The ruins seem 1000s of years old, but appear to have been modified and used to summon a creature, that must have backfired.

We decide against our better judgement to enter what we have determined to be a ship. The door clicks open and we enter a metal room full of hounds of tindellos. Kyo seems to have aquired some nifty new powers and seems more powerful than ever. Once we defeat them, we notice that the ceiling of the area is a star chart. We continue and find a room full of dissected naga. It is absolutely disgusting. The next room contained weird trashed metal alien devices. Everything appears to be running on a battery, which I decide to operate. Unfortunately this wakes a dimensional shambler. Ketzal is very very helpful as he electroflies into it and does quite a bit of damage.

Saito is not at all helpful, and turns on a huge hologram during this battle. It is of Shubnagurith. The vessel was called down by dikang, the painter. Apparently Killdeer was trying to create a dark young of Shubnaguroth. And now that is what the aliens are trying to do.

We eventually kill the shambler, and continue on to the next room where we find large strange beds. An odd metal device glimmers at the end of the room. We rearrange the symbols and light becomes pulling purple around the device. It created a portal. We immediately restain ketzal from jumping into it and turn it off.

We head up an old elevator shaft. A dark blue crystal appears to power this shop. Ketzal takes it, and an enormous bird creature drops from the sky and tries to take Ketzal. Apparently this is called a Shantak, though really it is just a space dragon. I manage to blind the creature as it;s mate appears. A miserable fight ensues, with people being thrown every which way. Hskori uses a scroll of holy smite, and eventually we kill one of them. The other must have flown off, because we are able to rush to Kai and heel him. He tells us he had strange nightmares while he was out, and I begin to accept that we are dealing with things much greater than sandworms on this damned island.



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