Onmyodo Islands

Donut Only Wanted to Step Outside for Fresh Air

Our most recent leg of our journey we began by buying and selling some supplies. I believe the name of the town was the Yamato.

From there we took a boat to a sea cave outside the Dark Lands to find the Obsidian Paw.

The mouth of the cave led us to a great underground lake, with a structure featuring Hung La Architecture on the shore beyond.

We moved around the shore to an alcove behind the building and had a victorious battle over two drowning demons who were submerging a purple man.

We question the purple man and find that he is a servant of Luthabu Tet. Saito names the man “donut” as he has no name of his own. We enter the back door of the building. We bluff the man telling him we are friends of Luthabu Tet and want an audience with him. He takes us into the grand hall. Inside we are attacked by two great renders. Naturally will kill them all. At this time however a few of us find ourselves hearing voices…. Voices which have absolute control over our actions….. The future from here has yet to be written.



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