Onmyodo Islands

A Whole New World

Start on the Yamato. Decide to peace out. Say bye to roo and give him a tiara. And we get a nice boat from the captain. We decide to name it “Saito Bane” We head up to Seiryu and realize that the city has been set on fire and several people have been impaled on spikes and there is a big blue dragon flying overhead. So we don’t go that way and instead over to some mountains and then a jungle with big flowers and a giant mantice. The mantis picks up suny and throws her to the ground. I fly up with some rope and try to tie it round his head. He slices the rope, grabs me and eats my armor. I breathe fire down his neck while Kage cuts his belly open. Hooray! We meet sejiro and some chick. He’s married to the high priest. And is chilling in the lotus garden. We tell him about Sakon Chok. He freaks out and wants to leave but can’t cause he’s got a ritual to do. We say sorry and go north into the jungle. We stumble past some void dragons and manage to convince them we are with Knarix. They’re headin south to meet up with her for some unknown reason. We say we’ll catch up with them later and make camp. Suny takes first watch and hears and owl. In the morning we continue to head north into the mountains. There we find a great big monastery carved into the mountain side. We see about 200 men and women dressed plainly in a light blue fabric; mostly meditating. Warrior monks. We make our way there. A woman with a long braid and a pendant headband walks up to us. We learn that we are at the drowned given life temple. There is a tournament happening in two weeks. We all sign up and chill at the temple. SUNY talks cat gibberish to a man there (ros a, deadhead, jizzargo) we see the tinkerer so iltame isn’t naked anymore. He buys some armor with spikes. We head off toward the jungle catching a glimpse of the blue dragon heading off up north. We bump into a fire dragon drake thingy and it blows fire at us and I blow fire at it and chop his head off. We get to a spirit temple and meet the spirits that we free’d. Sleep inside the temple. 11 days to the tournament. At this point we’ve covered the northern peninsula of the island. As we head back towards the bottle neck we happen upon a tall tower in the jungle. And we knock on the door. Men in white and blue armor open the gates. We see bout 12 men. We bullshit them into thinking that we are just weary travelers. They decide to take us in and won’t let us leave so we tell them to go fuck themselves and kick their asses with tentacles and sticky blood an shit. We take two hostage after I fascinate them with my good looks and we retreat into the woods.



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