The People’s Kingdom of the Moon, Shenmen

Founded in the times of Ancient Hung La, Shenmen has survived by complete trust in itself, its citizens and the will of the Moon Goddess Maisanda. Shenmen is one of the few nations in the world where all are equal, from Daimyo to field hand, all members of Shenmen are given the opportunity to contribute towards governance. It is said that when the world was young, the beautiful goddess Maisanda was born in Shenmen, a goddess born from her virgin oracle mother. She swore to always protect her home so long as they remembered her, and to this day the people of Shenmen all pay heed to their goddess as an everyday part of life.

The country is lead by a powerful Shogun who commands thirty Senior Daimyo, who rules a small part of the country. All great decisions are made by the Shogun but each Daimyo gets to speak and advise the Shogun. The Daimyo are elected by the people, and a new Shogun is elected among the Daimyo when the previous Shogun passes. The Daimyos and Shogun are known for all being expert warriors and statesmen.

The people of Shenmen are kind, centrist, committed to community and family life and loyal to their country and Maisanda. Shenmen is known for its rolling hills, lush fertile thickets, crystal clear ponds and streams and the great Jade statue of Maisanda outside the temple in the capital city.

Maisanda and Aido have long been rivals due to their borders but things have escalated in the last half of the century due to Aidonese samurai taking claim of Jade Tiger Valley on the Northern edge of the country. A Aidonese witch tricked a Shenmenal Daimyo to bequeath the valley to her, which she immediately turned over to her home country. Before the Shogun could even say if a Daimyo could give away part of the country or not, the Aidonese samurai moved into the area. The people of the valley share cultures between the two nations and feel quite literally caught in the middle.


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