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The Rising Phoenix Pantheon:
Amaterasu- Sun goddess, Lawful Good (Fire, Good, Sun, Healing, Protection)
Weapon- Temple Sword
Appearing as a beautiful woman made of flames or as a flame reflected off a blade. Amaterasu is one of the most popular Gods. She stands for honor, goodness, loyalty and a adherence to the scripture of the sun. The most devout worshippers of Amaterasu believe that she is not only the goddess of the Sun, but the sun itself and if she were to leave this world, ours would darken and perish.

Lo Shen- Water goddess (Chaotic Good) (Water, Weather, Travel, Air, Healing)
Weapon- Katana
Appearing as a woman whose lower half is made of a storm cloud. She is the Goddess of seas, the waves and storms. She is a fickle and wrathful goddess, but also known as a great provider and fertility goddess. Lo Shen was worshipped exclusively by the Hung La Empire but she destroyed the empire in what is known as ‘The Godstorm’. Lo Shen is still worshipped in this region and she is fiercely worshipped in Myamyr.

Xui Khan- The Corrupted Dragon King (Chaotic Evil) (Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Void)
Weapon- Nine Section Whip
Appearing as a four headed dying dragon, Xui Khan was once a great and noble dragon prince who thought himself the most handsome and powerful being to ever exist. Believing that he deserved to live forever as a God, he challenged the Forgotten Dragon God and was nearly destroyed in their battle. Following his defeat, Xui Khan mastered new dark magic, he sacrificed all the dragons he could find to add their power to his own but this power came at a deep cost and Xui Khan’s mind was shattered. He then re-challenged the Forgotten Dragon God, tore out his heart and became the new Dragon God.

Chim Yao- God of war and military regiment (Lawful Neutral) (War, Glory, Law, Strength, Destruction)
Weapon- Greataxe
When he appears to mortals Chim Yao takes many different forms, and never the same form more than once. He will typically appear to his followers in dreams, as a talking weapon or shield, his voice rings like war drums and the sounds of thousands of men chanting in unison. Chim Yao is a god of strict codes and honor, demanding respect from both his followers and enemies. Many warriors worship Chim Yao, believing his teachings and military adherence will keep them alive in battle.

Talboro- God of Freedom and Roads (Chaotic Neutral) (Chaos, Travel, Strength, Liberation, Artifice)
Weapon- Tetsubo
Most depictions of Talboro are either of a large warthog carrying a Tetsubo or are of a young man riding some sort of wild beast. Talboro represents many things to many people and his chaotic nature gives him many different meanings. Pilgrims, Merchants and Soldiers will all be sure to stop by a shrine to Talboro before setting out on a long journey. They ask the God of Roads for a blessing on their travels, which makes Talboro a very commonly worhshipped God. Most nomad tribes however, revere Talboro’s more wild side, the belief to stay in one place for more than a moon cycle leads to shorter lives and self-imposed slavery.

Bu Yan- God protector of animals and land (Neutral Good) (Animal, Earth, Plant, Weather, Healing)
Weapon- Nodachi
Often appearing as a huge fat ape dressed in ceremonial robes. Bu Yan is the god of faith, fertility, dance, and animals. He is worshipped by fun-loving and chaotic creature and by Vanara in particular. Bu Yan is a largely worshipped by those seeking enlightenment and he commands armies of Agathions to spread his knowledge of the xen arts. Bu Yan also stands against the destruction of natural beauty and his followers are often mistaken for druids.

Akumaru- God of ambition, laws, contracts (Lawful Evil) (Evil, Law, Fire, Trickery, Magic)
Weapon- Long Bow
The most powerful of the nine archdevils that inhabit Hell, and the only one of Hell’s rulers to claim full divinity. It was he who is credited with the penning the contract of creation, within which his followers believe is hidden the means for their patron’s eventual rise to supremacy. Akumaru is generally depicted in art as a large, flame-enshrouded man with red skin, cloven hooves and horns. He is often shows wielding a contract or a flaming mace. Though many believe that this is his true form, some speak of a more fiendish form with constantly bleeding wounds. Akumaru is also capable of taking the shape of any creature, an ability he uses to gain an advantage in negotiations through intimidation, comfort, or pity. He is also represented by his holy symbol, an upside down red pentagram.

Baka Danuki- God of Mischief (Chaotic Neutral) (Trickery, Animal, Magic, Luck, Chaos)
Weapon- Bo Staff
Appearing as a red tanuki, Baka Danuki is a drunken god who achieved his godhood from making contact with a magical ancient artifact. Baka Danuki wanders the various worlds, either helping or hindering those in his path, be they great kings or lowly serfs. He is known to play ironic tricks on those who have wandered from worship of him and commands wild bands of forest creatures to come to his aid should he need them.

Sakura- Goddess of beauty and death (Neutral Evil) (Death, Glory, Plant, Madness, Evil)
Weapon- Sai
When the great unknown creator of this world died during the suns first rise, his blood fell to the earth and grew into a great seed. The sun’s rays warmed the seed and the new oceans watered the seed and eventually a great blooming tree was born from the seed. All who saw the tree became enamored with its grand beauty and the tree became Sakura. She became large and powerful due to the worship and she thrived, gaining many followers and commanding strict devotion to beauty and death.

Maisanda- Goddess of the Moon (Lawful Good) (Darkness, Void, Good, Law, Community)
Weapon- Nine Ring Sword
Appearing as a beautiful woman made of chiseled marble with glowing blue eyes and a long nine-ringed broadsword. Maisanda is fiercely worshipped throughout the Spirit lands and the surrounding kingdoms. She stands against corruption in the night and wishes to bring her cold pale light of justice and goodness to the darkest corners of the night. She is the goddess of jade, stars, moons and spirits.

Tsai Mao- God of Wealth (Lawful Neutral) (Earth, Law, Nobility, Travel, Protection)
Weapon- Wakizashi
Tsai Mao and his followers wish to bring the light of civilization to the wilderness, to help educate all in the benefits of law and properly regulated commerce. He expects his followers to obey all meaningful laws, but not those which are ridiculous, unenforcible, or self-contradictory. He is also a great proponent of peace, as war inevitably leads to the degradation of trade and the stifling of prosperity for the general public. He advocates cautious, careful consideration in all matters, and frowns on impulsiveness, believing that it leads to the encouragement of primitive needs

Chuseok- God of Harvest and Hunt(Neutral Good) (Plant, Community, Good, Liberation, Luck)
Weapon- Scythe
Chuseok is one of the oldest gods still worshiped in the Spirit Lands. His religion dates back to before the Age of Darkness when small farming communities and hunter-gatherers prayed to him for bountiful harvests and successful hunts. He is a god of the hunt and of farming, leading his followers by example and good deeds rather than flowery rhetoric. His followers dance wild in the fields for a bountiful harvest and offer a portion of meat to honor the god of the hunt.

Nalinivati- The Serpent’s Kiss (Neutral) (Charm, Magic, Nobility, Rune, Scalykind)
Weapon- Urumi
The patron naga goddess of the snake-like humanoids known as the nagaji. She is most popular in kingdom she founded, Nagajor, but is also commonly worshiped on the Spirit Islands. Her holy symbol is a lotus flower wherein a snake lies coiled. Snakes are naturally considered holy animals to those of her faith. Said to have created the nagaji, Nalinivati long ago gifted the race with free will. They number among her most devout non-naga worshipers.

Irori- The Enlightened One (Lawful Neutral) (Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Strength)
Weapon- Unarmed Strike
Appearing as a man ripped with muscle and a bald head save for one long black braid that falls to his feet. Irori is a god of enlightenment and self-perfection; knowledge, healing and inner strength. His followers claim that he was once a mortal who achieved absolute physical and mental perfection and thus attained divinity of his own volition. He is worshipped by countless monk orders and no dojo is complete without a shrine to Irori.

Pharasma- Mother of Souls (Neutral) (Death, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Water)
Weapon- Dagger
 The goddess who shepherds the wold’s recently-departed souls to their final reward. Upon death, souls migrate to Pharasma’s Boneyard in the Outer Sphere, which sits atop an impossibly tall spire that pierces the Astral Plane. Pharasma makes no decision on whether a death is just or not; she views all with a cold and uncaring attitude, and decides on which of the Outer Planes a soul will spend eternity. Pharasma is also the goddess of birth and prophecy: from the moment a creature is born, she sees what its ultimate fate will be, but reserves final judgment until that soul finally stands before her. As the goddess of death and rebirth, she abhors the undead and considers them a perversion.

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