The Kingdom of Imperial Dragons and Fierce Samurai, Aido

Aido was once a much less powerful nation far back in its history. Aido came to exist when a family of powerful Imperial Dragons disposed of the cruel and savage warlords of the age and put a human prince of their choosing to rule the land. The dragons stayed in the country to advise the king on his choices and what direction to lead the country. In reality however, the King of Aido is widely acknowledged as a figure head, the true source of political power came from the true rulers, the clan of Imperial Dragons who live on Heaven’s Tower in the capital city.

Aidonese are fierce warriors and lovers of individual freedom and adventure. The Aidonese train individually, believing a strong army comes from each warrior unlocking his own inner potential through training, combat, exploration, meditation and inner peace. Many Aidonese are known to obsess and sometimes even worship their Dragon Rulers, those among the population with draconic heritage are considered blessed and lucky.

Aido has had a longstanding feud with the nation of Shenmen to its south. The is a large valley that belonged to a Shenmenal Daimyo who married a Aidonese Noblewoman. In honor to show absolute honor and love to his wife the Daimyo literally gave her all he had, including his vast holdings. The Noblewoman declared that the Valley was now a part of Aido and that Shenmenal powers had no authority in the region. Most common folk who live in the valley have a heritage in both kingdoms and fighting over the area has persisted slowly for the last seventy years.

Aido is known for arid fields, beutiful sunken rice valleys, culturally vibrant and crowded cities and its large population of powerful Samurai.


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