Onmyodo Islands

Longtuck's Journal, Ep 1
First Game!

On the first day of The Boar, four travelers find themselves washed upon the shores of Genbu Island, disoriented and unaware of how they got there. Instead of waking up peacefully with time to place themselves, the group is woken up by four Kijimuna poking them with spears. Obviously in danger, the group commences battle. Luckily, a bag of weapons, armor and other assorted items had also been washed ashore with the group. With diligent team work amongst the group of strangers, the four travelers defeated the Kijimuna. After getting acquainted and suited for protection, the group realized they were all travelers on the Kajioka; all bound for the island of Genbu. No one knew what had happened to the ship or the other passengers.

Before the group could head out and investigate the island, they all hear the screams of a young girl off in the distance. Being good-natured people, the travelers decide to investigate the cries for help. Arriving at the scene they see a young girl surrounded by two Adaro. The group defeats the two Adaro with much gusto and save the young girl in distress. The girl, Nya, explains that she was just picking clams off the beach when the two monsters attacked her. She offers to take the travelers back to her home to meet her brother Thanh and to get a hot meal and a good night’s rest.

Thanh and Nya are both amiable hosts who live in the village of Nippon. Thanh explains that they lost their father when he tried to defeat the Tiger Lord. The Tiger Lord, Thanh explains, is a man who controls a group of bandits and thugs. His men come into the village and take money from the villagers. He takes 100 gold pieces just from Thanh alone. In fact, the Tiger Lord’s men would be there in three days.

The travelers, having been thankful for the hospitality of Nya and Thanh, decide to confront the Tiger Lord’s men when they arrive. With three days to spare the group ventures into the center of the village to gather supplies and speak with the locals. After speaking with many of the shop owners and residents of Nippon, the group learned many things: -The Tiger Lord was a native and honorable Daimyo (warlord) to the Shogun of Shenmen. He was exiled from Shenmen several years ago for war crimes. He traveled to Genbu to gain power. Most people in the village give him money because no one has been able to defeat him and his men.

-If the group defeats the Tiger Lord they could become members of Maisanda’s Ronin.

-There are three “Wanted” posters in the city:

  • “Sleepwalker- a large black cat like creature who’s been responsible for several death. His head is worth 2000 gold”
  • “Ya Ling- a female assassin with fiery hair. Brought in alive she’s worth 3000, dead she’s worth 1000”
  • “Kohru the Swan- bring her in alive to stand trial 2000 gold, return the Ishikawa family scroll that she stole 1000 gold”

-The only pieces of information the group gathered about the shipwreck was that there was a large explosion on the island (which everyone on the ship and the island saw) before the ship was overrun by waves and sharks.

-No ships have been able to dock in the harbor since the Kijimuna crashed.

After a successful day in the village center the group traveled back to Thanh’s home. There, the group of travelers prepared the area for, what would most likely be confrontation and a battle. Traps were set up by the door and on the perimeter. On the fourth day of The Boar, three Tiger Thugs and their tiger arrive. The group stays back near the house. One of the thugs is impaled by a trap. The fighting begins! After a grueling battle, the group successfully defeated two thugs, the tiger and kept hostage the third thug for information. Next week, on Genbu Island…


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