Yura 'The Spider'

A slender young woman of haunting beauty


Affiliated with a group that seems to worship a being known as ‘The Demon in Jade’. She has deep green eyes, fair skin and long dark black hair. She is known for her signature green kimono with a spider emblazoned on the back. She had enlisted the aid of brother Higen and Kyoya in her retrieval of the Yang spirits from their tapestries where they’ve been held prisoner for centuries.

Yura has captured Shigure for his bending powers, had secured the Jade Shell and Obsidian Shell to extract the Genbu Spirit from its tapestry, has sent Higen to Byakku with the intent of extracting the Tiger Spirit from the Byakku tapestry, and met the party, taking particular interest in the scimitar Kai carried at his side.


Yura 'The Spider'

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