The shifty drunken bard


Tsubasa was found in the pub on Genbu, getting very lost in his cups of sake while continuously shining out a hollowed kappa shell. Tsubasa told the party about the troubles with the kappa out on the Eastern shore of the island. He claimed he killed one of them in self-defense and then hollowed out the shell when he figured he could sell it.

Tsubasa asked the party if they would take him with them when they left the island. He came to Genbu in order to travel to another island, but which island, he did not say. The party has not seen Tsubasa since dropping him off on the Yamato.

Tsubasa’s songs he writes and performs are often very dark and disturbing. He seems to carry a lot of resentment for the community of Wayangs he left before coming to Onmyodo.

Tsubasa had been summoned to Byakku by the pulling evil force of Shub-Niggurath. He quickly inserted himself amongst the worshippers and dark denizens who’ve taken control of the southern half of the island. He was found by the PC’s in the ruins of Venema Village, fearing for his life he told the party about Lgnashngatl’s plan to summon Shub-Niggurath to this world using the captured Kyoya and the Tiger Spirit as catalysts.



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