The monstrous priest of Shub Niggurath


A gug cleric from the far side of the Dark Tapestry. Lgnashngatl first came to Byakku several centuries when the vessel he and his cohorts was pulled to the island by the mad artist Dakang. Working with Dakang, the gug and the other forces of darkness were almost succesful in bring Shub-Niggurath to this world but were stopped at in their end stages by the Hung La army. The Hung La army wiped out Dakang and his followers, Lgnashngatl escaped the slaughter and returned to the Dark Tapestry, waiting for a time when Byakku would be more ready to accept the gifts of the Dark Goat in the Woods with her Thousand Young.

When the Naga attempted to use Dakang’s ancient summoning circles to call upon serpentine servants to aid them in the subjugation of the island, they accidentally returned Lgnashngatl and his followers to Byakku. Lgnashngatl quickly decimated the Naga and Nagaji tribes and began the preparation for the glorious arrival of Shub-Niggurath. This time he planned on using the Demon in Jade agent, Kyoya and the Imprisoned Tiger Spirit as his source of flesh and energy to summon the Outer God.



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