Ally to the Naga and other evil forces on Byakku


Knarix was allied with the Naga before losing her brood of drakes in an attack on the human’s on Sunrise Rock that went sour. She has decided to betray her Naga companions and has turned to the PC’s to help in that effort. She has agreed to take them on as sell-swords to kill the Naga bosses on the island so that she instead, may rule it supreme.

She found the PC’s camping on the southern half of the island and in the dead of night sought their reports. Knarix paid the group in the sum of a large ruby and demanded another service of them- kill the Bygarian Dragon Slayers who have been pursuing her and then help her kill Nyogami, so that she may claim the island as her own.

Saito asked the great dragon to attack the Baekheo Seal before she takes on Nyogami, as a ‘warm-up’. She agreed to attack, relishing the thought of battle. She was last seen flying north towards the temple.



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