Kimwa Onizuka

The nephew to the head of the Noble Onizuka family.


24, Human, Male, Aido


A young man who grew up in the Dragon City in central Aido, Kimwa and his brother embarked on a quest to slay a powerful beast and present it as a gift to his cousin and daughter to the head of the house. Kimwa’s boat was attacked by Adaro and he lost his brother and the crew. After mourning for his loss, he pressed on and hired a local refugee, Saiga, to accompany him on Genbu while they hunted Sleepwalker. The men were ambushed in the woods by Myceloids and sold to the Tiger Lord.

Kimwa thanked the party for freeing him by giving them invitations to his cousin Motoko’s wedding. It should be happening soon on Byakku.

Kimwa was killed by the invading Naga and their nagaji forces at Sunrise Rock while defending the wedding guests.

Kimwa Onizuka

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