The Naga Maharaja, leader of the Naga invaders


Once a ruler of a large southern fiefdom in Nagajor, Avinash fled the country along with his many of his knot. He managed to find more escaped Naga and he grouped the refugees together under his leadership.
The group was approached by Yura ‘The Spider’, who claims to speak for something known as ‘The Demon in Jade’ and offered a chance to reclaim power and the lifestyle they were accustomed to, in exchange for some ancient items. Avinash’s knot were partnered with the Red Dragon Knarix and the group began taking over the island of Byakku. They eventually claimed the entire Venema tribe and swiftly made their way to the ancient Lo Shen temple, the Baekheo Seal.
Avinash now plans to conquer the remaining two tribes and establish himself as the king of Byakku, with the Nagaji in their proper place, as slaves.



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