Onmyodo Islands

Entry from what you assume is Kai's personal journal

Challenged by Gods

After freeing the Young Crystal Dragon, we made our way North; through the mountain pass. We were flanked by two sheer cliffsides; one towering above us, the other shooting out below into complete darkness and what we could only assume was imminent death. After following this path for some time, someone called out that they heard something and directed our attention to the chasm below. She pointed out that there was an entrance into the Darklands directly below us. I couldn’t help but notice the sound of crashing waves somewhere far below, and remembered how I had marveled at an enormous cave jutting into the island’s West Coast while my party and I were on that two-day tour.

That night, the party suffers terrible nightmares. But I dreamt of something else, the Spirit of Fate returned to me. In the morning, we discussed our next course of action.

We decide to head to the Yamado.

But first, we had to make a slight detour. We Had to finish our Quest.

We headed to the sunken temple beneath the massive cyclone, finding the entrance to the Great Neogami’s lair to be far easier to traverse than it had previously been.

There, we found Naigi sleeping peacefully on a mound of gold. Then, rising behind the young dragon, Neogami revealed himself; coins dripping off him into a cacophony of clattering. The sight was simply awe-inspiring, and a little intimidating. But the beast looked at us with kind eyes and consulted with our witch; blessing her for all her hard work.

We left the Dragon’s Lair and headed North to Longfen Village, and thus to the Spirit Realm. Grabing the Eye of Nalinivati, we performed the Ritual that opened that portal to the Ether. There, we made our way up a long path to a Shrine devoted to the Goddess, upon which the Claw of Byakko was lain. When we grabbed Byakko’s Claw, H’skori was possessed by Nalinivati’s Spirit.

Recognizing the new Nagaji warrior in our midst, the Goddess presented Ithame with three tests to prove his worth; one of Knowledge, one of Battle, and one of Soul.

The Trial of Knowledge was a dangerous Test of Trivia, but Ilthame was able to pass it easily by summoning the answers from the memories of recent conversations he had (coincidentally?) had with his new companions; namely, with us.

The Trial of Battle was more difficult. Ilthame was separated from the rest of us by a Wall of Energy that could not be dispelled by any magical means. He was closed off from the rest of us to fight his own battle with a Powerful Spirit, a Champion of Nalinavati, while the rest of us were forced to deal with a challenge of our own.

A bolt of electricity exploded at the end of the hallway. Crackling into existence, an enormous wolf formed out of the lightning and attacked the five of us. With Riu in our ranks, we were able to hold our own against the massive Canine, but Saito went down for a beat. Each of us working together, we whittled away at the beast until it attacked Suni with its dying breath. It lunged at our Witch, its jaws agape with Bloodlust, only to have an Eruption of Negative Energy rip its mouth from its head.

I know not what transpired on the other side of that wall, but needless to say, Ilthame proved victorious in this task and we moved on as a group to the room which held the final challenge. Ilthame agreed to have Nalinivati’s Soul tied to his, and thus became her Champion.

(The page is torn here, though it seems like the entry was originally longer.)



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