The Turtle Island
Four people from different paths and parts of the world converged on a small travel vessel in the Shenmen city of Bumi. Each had a different reason to board the Kajioka, embarking on what has become a fairly routine trip from the Shenmen port city of Bumi to the small fishing village of Nippon on Genbu. The night before they were to reach the village a storm began to brew and toss the small ship around in the waves. A great eruption of green light from the center of Genbu island lit of up the sky for several minutes. After this the Kajioka surrendered to the ocean and began to sink the beneath the waves. The last thing anyone remembers after plunging into the cold water was the school of sharks surrounding the crash.

Open Quests

  • The Onmyodo Spirits
    Right before the Godstorm which destroyed the mighty nation, the ancient Hung La Empire had the four sacred spirits of their home islands imprisoned within tapestries which have been locked away for over a thousand years. Someone is siphoning the Yang side of the spirits out the tapestries, for reasons unknown. One of the Spirits may be already dead.
  • The Cat-Masked Killers
    A group of highly trained killers dressed in cat masks killed the entirety of Kai’s family a decade ago. They performed a ritual to extract his families souls and took the soul of his youngest brother with them.
    The killers have struck again aboard the Yamato, killing the bodyguard of Goji Blueshadow and extracting her soul.
  • The Earth Bender
    Longtuck’s closest friend and companion, an Earth Bender named Shigure was with him when the Kajioka sunk at sea. Since then Longtuck has searched for his friend, finding his belt in a pile of loot collected by the Adaro. Shigure has since been taken by Yura and her followers for some unknown purpose.
  • Inspiration for Tsuten
    The Wayang apprentice to Kanna of ’Dagon’s Arms’, Tsuten is looking to graduate his apprenticeship and be taken on as a partner of Kanna, in order to inherit the shop when she retires. The Wayang wants to create something incredible as his first masterpiece and asks the party to give him something inspirational for him.
  • Black Agave Ale
    Arima, the more serious of the two undine brothers is looking to recover a shipment of Black Agave Ale from the Sootscale tribe on Byakku.
  • Skymetal Arms and Armor
    Kanna, the aasimar master blacksmith aboard the Yamato, has heard that the ship is near the desert island of Byakku. Legend has it that a meteor crashed on the island a millennia ago and a meteor means skymetal, adamantium and noqual. Kanna has said if they manage to find any of this rare material in their travels she will gladly craft new weapons and armor from them for the party.
  • It’s the Quenchiest!
    Wang Fire Jr. has been secretly running his fathers potion and curios stand for the past several weeks as his father has been sick with a rare disease known as Rockache Fever. The only known cure can be created from a rare cactus fruit that grows in arid deserts.
  • Dragons vs Ninjas
    Kitsaku, the white furred Kitsune in the Dolphin’s Grin Pub has told the party he is looking for Alakim Dragonbane. A well-known nagaji warrior and dragon slayer and the younger brother of the Venema tribe chieftain. Kitsaku has revealed his village in the thick jungle on Seiryu has been having a problem with a dragon and wants the help of Alakim to deal with the situation.

Completed Quests

  • A Family Affair
    You were given invitations by Kimwa Onizuka to a wedding on Byakku between the Aidonese noble families, Onizuka and Paik. The wedding went….poorly.
  • The Green Light above Genbu
    Twice now green light has erupted over the old Genbu Temple. The green light first flashed during the PC’s voyage to Nippon and again when they placed the Jade Shell into the dais in the Hung La ruins. It was discovered the green light coming out of the temple was the spiritual energy discharge released when the obsidian and jade shells were put into their proper place. Releasing the spiritual locks on the Genbu Spirit and allowing the Yang spirit to be siphoned from the tapestry.
  • The Godess of Shenmen
    The Maisanda Temple has been cleared of the evil Div who were desecrating the holy place. Return to Elder Hyun for your reward.
  • Forever Kikyo
    The Samsaran Geisha from the pleasure house has asked the PCs if they would look for her fiance SuJeun. He went off to pick expensive golden mushrooms in the northern part of the island, but hasn’t been seen in almost three weeks. A wedding band with the words ‘Forever Kikyo’ inscribed within it were found among the corpses in the Myceloid dungeon.
  • Blood in the Water
    The shore, rivers and lakes of Genbu have been overrun with sharks and the Adaro. Shark men from the deep sea who have held the entire island in standstill as they claim the island’s waters. The Adaro have a reservoir they place plundered goods in and control a small flooded cave on the West side of the island. The Adaro are being controlled by someone called ‘Xaga the Red’.

Onmyodo Islands

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